Top 10 Best Business Ideas For Village 2022| Earn from your village

As the profit of village business is less than that of the city, you have less chance of loss in the village business as compared to the city. Remove from your mind that big business cannot be started from a small village. Today in this post I am going to give some village business ideas which you may have heard before but have no idea how to start and earn good amount of income. This post not only discusses business ideas but also how to start and earn, in detail.

Top 10 Village Business Ideas For Rural Areas in India | Top 10 Small Village Business Ideas 2022

Among the 10 village business ideas given below, some businesses require more capital and some businesses can be started with less capital. First look at all the business ideas, and think which business would be good to start in your village. Before starting any business, know about that business well.

List of Top 10 Village Business Ideas –

  • Vegetable business
  • Bhusimal shop
  • tea shop
  • Mills in the crop industry
  • Motorcycle garage
  • Toto service
  • tailor shop
  • salon shop
  • wholesale
  • Cottage industry business

1. Vegetable Business

A lot of vegetables are grown in the village. You can buy vegetables directly from farmers and sell them in the market or run a vegetable shop. Try to buy as many vegetables from the farmers as you can sell in a day. Because vegetables are generally good for 3-4 days and after that start spoiling.

Also if you have more capital then you can buy more vegetables from the farmers and send them to the city by car. In this case, you need to get acquainted with the wholesalers of your city first.

2. Vusimal shop

You can open grocery store in your village. You have to store all the essentials of daily life. For example, you can keep rice, pulses, spices, also children’s food, along with books, notebooks and vegetables if you want.

Since the population of the village is low, you cannot profit by selling only one particular item. For that you need to start a shop with various essential items.

3. Tea stall

Don’t underestimate it as a tea shop. MBA Chaiwala has proved that you can become a millionaire by selling tea. The fact is that because the cost of making tea is low, the profit is high. Most people love to drink tea so there is no need to think about selling it.

First choose a good place to open a tea shop in the village. It is better if you have a tea shop at the village junction. If you feel that the income is less by selling only tea, you can also keep oil fried, biscuits, bidis, ghutka etc. in the shop along with tea.

4. Match the grain profession

As the amount of grain production in the village is high. Nisandhe will do very well if you start in grain business. But before starting this business you will need a good amount of capital. First, you have to spend your own money and buy its machines in the farming industry.

If you have 2 crops in your area then the business will be more likely. Otherwise, this business will be good only at the time of the year when the crops are cut and brought home.

5. Motor Cycle Garage

With the increasing number of motorcycles in the village, there is a possibility of a motorcycle garage in the village as well. It is essential that you have general knowledge and experience in motorcycle repair to start this business. Since the village quota is low, you will not see a profit in the business if you lock in the salary to repair first.

6. Toto Service

Villagers often need to go out. Village people like city people don’t like to walk much now. To start this business first you need to buy a toto. You can first do a little survey yourself to see how much this business is possible in your village. After that if you feel that Toto service will work well in your village then you can buy Toto in installments.

This business you can earn from minimum 6000 taka to maximum 18000 taka per month. In Toto service business you need to replace Toto battery from time to time. Here you will be well spent. A good quality battery will easily last a year.

7. Tailor shop

Tailor shops are needed even in small villages. If there is a good tailor shop in the village, no one in the village will go outside to sew. You will earn a lot in this business. Since the population of the village is low, you won’t be able to make much profit.

If you want, you can also sell new ready-made clothes along with sewing in your tailor shop.

8. Salon Shop

Saloon shops are now located near almost all villages. If your village is very small then your business will not work well there. You can start salon shop business in your village pass mor or small bazaar there. This business has a fairly good amount of profit.

You can also start a parlor for women with any woman if you want.

9. wholesale

Wholesale looks like wholesale. In the village you can buy the village goods in large quantities and sell them in the market for good profit. Farming is plentiful in the village so you can sell vegetables. Also you can sieve sal leaves or kendu leaves. Moreover, you can wholesale cattle and goats.

You can earn good money in this business but you also need good amount of capital to start this business.

10. Cottage industry

There are many cottage industries that can be started from the village. How much money you can earn depends on your ability to work in this job. You can take help of your family members in cottage industry if you want.

Small Village Business Ideas 2022 – FAQ

What kind of business can be done in the village?

Manufacturing, shops and wholesale business can be done in the village. Top 10 Village Business Ideas are mentioned above.

What needs to be done before starting a business in the village?

Before starting any business in the village, understand whether the business will work in your village or not. Moreover, you will know the profit and loss aspects of that business.

What are the top 10 business ideas in the village?

Businesses such as vegetable business, vegetable shop, tea shop, mills in grain trade, motorcycle garage, tote service, tailor shop, salon shop, wholesale, cottage industry etc. can be started in the village.

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