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Hello dear readers! A few decades ago, people tried to leave rural settlements for big cities to develop a career, start a business, and for other purposes. Today the trend is changing a bit. Many people get tired of the high pace of life in the city and leave for the countryside to be closer to nature, enjoy peace and breathe fresh air. But after moving, people think about how to make money in the countryside.

It is a mistake to believe that it is impossible to earn money for a prosperous life in the countryside. If you try hard and think, look at ideas for business, explore new directions, then it is quite possible to organize your own business. With the right approach, it will bring a stable income. I will discuss these options in this article.

Is it possible to earn money in the village, as in the city

When moving to the countryside, one of the main questions is whether it is possible to earn as much there as in the city. Due to their small size and population, most rural settlements have minimal career space. Despite this, you can find a profession that will pay no worse than in the city.

It all depends on the abilities of the person. The farmer is engaged in farming and sells the resulting products. The master creates unique crafts and sells them to the rural or urban population. The teacher or lecturer is tutoring. Income will be high and stable if a person has the right skills.

If there are no special skills, a rural person can spend a lot of free time on mastering a new qualification or profession. It is worth choosing from those that are in good demand within the boundaries of the village.

What does that require

To start earning income, you should develop a clear plan of action. For example, if you decide to do housework, you should identify commodity items with the best demand / competition ratio. It can be vegetables, products (meat, eggs, fish, etc.), animals and much more. With a clear plan, a person understands what to do at a certain moment.

When planning actions, one should also not forget about possible problems. It is necessary to sort them by the probability of occurrence and describe the methods for solving each. Then situations that are unforeseen for someone and cause a lot of trouble will not create problems for you.

Determine the resources that you can use in the work. For example, tools, techniques, knowledge, skills, etc. All this should be taken into account in the action plan. And remember: no one gets a mountain of money in a couple of months. To achieve prosperity, you need to work constantly and hard.

One of the options for earning money in the village is remote work. All you need is a computer, a stable Internet connection and knowledge in any field. I advise you to read the article about how to make money on the Internet. It describes many of the available methods.

What to do in the countryside to earn money

If specific options do not come to mind, I advise you to look at my selection. I tried to tell in as much detail as possible about all the ways of earning money available in the village, which bring tangible income with due diligence.

Earnings on the Internet

A great option for those who do not like stuffy offices and prefer to work at home. If you are employed somewhere and your position allows you to work from home, I advise you to agree with your superiors on such a transfer.

There are three main ways to make money online:

  • Freelance
  • remote
  • internet business.


Freelance (Freelance) – the implementation of various tasks within their competence. The geographic location of the performer is not important. Freelancers have different qualifications: text writers, designers, programmers, SMM specialists, etc. If you are considering this option, you can take a freelance start express course .

For example, I work remotely as an article writer. I allocate full-time activities (8-10 hours) and earn up to 70-100 thousand rubles per month.
I equate this type of activity with entrepreneurship: you look for clients and perform tasks yourself or delegate to members of your team. There is no clear level of remuneration here: it all depends on one’s own efforts and the amount of time allocated for work. You can only predict the approximate level of income for the month based on the number of current customers and the amount of work performed.

As in the usual business, to make a profit, you need to plan everything and take the first steps : prepare a workplace, decide on the type of activity, prepare a portfolio, choose channels for promoting services, etc.


  • always different tasks, lack of routine;
  • control over the daily routine;
  • experienced professionals receive a decent salary;
  • the ability to work from anywhere;
  • communication with many interesting people.


  • lack of social benefits;
  • unstable income.
  • If you want to control life, try yourself in this area. Start with tasks that match your competencies. For example, if you know how to write well, take up copywriting. Earlier we talked about the best exchanges where you can find the first clients.

Remote Jobs

Remote work is often confused with freelancing because both work from home. But if freelance is an independent and constant search for new clients, then remote work (remote work) is employment in a company and performing duties outside the office.

In recent years, this format of cooperation between companies and employees is gaining popularity, because the former save money on office rent, and the latter on transportation costs.

However, the schedule remains the same. For example, if earlier the working day was from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the office, then the same period will have to work from home.

If you work in an organization, for example, as a designer or programmer, and decide to move to the countryside, try to negotiate with your employer about switching to a remote format.


  • Social benefits in accordance with the Labor Code;
  • stable salary;
  • savings on transport costs;
  • the ability to work from anywhere.


  • no freedom of action;
  • limited wages.

At first, working from home will be unusual: someone or something constantly distracts you, it’s difficult to tune in to your duties, etc. But if you show discipline, everything will definitely work out, and you will appreciate all the advantages of remote work.

Internet business

Internet business involves creating something new, providing services, gathering a team of specialists, etc. This is more complicated than simple freelancing, but easier than offline entrepreneurship, because you can work from anywhere in the world and not be tied to one place.

There is a common myth that it takes a lot of capital to set up an Internet business. In fact, minimal investments will suffice, and sometimes, with certain competencies, without them at all.

There are many areas in the Internet space for starting your own business. One of the most popular is the creation and search engine promotion of sites. The more visitors, the higher the earnings. But for successful work, you need to learn how to promote web projects. We recently talked about website building courses , choose one for yourself and get trained.

The first site can be created and promoted for free, and the income received can be reinvested in other projects. But I want to warn you right away: this is not an easy job that requires perseverance. You won’t be able to achieve quick results, but competent promotion guarantees a long-term passive income.

Another popular option is the provision of Internet marketing services. You will be engaged in the promotion of companies and brands. But here, too, certain knowledge is needed, which can be obtained in the relevant courses. An Internet marketer, working 8 hours a day, can comprehensively serve 4-5 clients and receive 80-100 thousand rubles per month. Such an income, not only by village, but also by urban standards, is quite high.

To attract customers, send commercial offers by email. Proper mailing setup allows you to get a lot of customers, and then you won’t be able to cope without your own team!

Grocery Shop

A grocery store has always been considered one of the best small businesses. The great thing is that you don’t need any special talent for this. Setting up a shop where there are few grocery stores is a good option, as there is no competition, your business is more likely to succeed. It can also provide you with some other features.

Jewelry Making Business

In today’s era, not everyone can afford to wear gold jewelry, hence the era of artificial jewelry, due to which people want new designs. If you have some ideas with the help of which you can make new design jewelry. So you can do jewelry making with less investment.

Real Estate Agent

Nowadays, everyone wants to buy his own house or buy a plot and build his own house on it. You can help him in both the tasks by opening a real estate agency. Real estate agents who help people choose a house or land of their choice and in return they charge a commission of 1-2% of the property price.

All you have to do is collect the details of all types of properties and plots and get in touch with all the property owners who are interested in selling their properties. Now you need a customer who wants to buy that property. For this you have to open an office on rent and keep your cards. This business is the most profitable business model.

Vehicle Wash Shop

Car washing is a very easy way to earn. You can open a car wash shop in your own home. In this business you have to invest only to buy a vehicle washing machine and if you charge 80-100 rupees for washing cars and bikes in it too, you can earn well in a day. If you don’t want to buy machines, you can do this work by hiring people.

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