How to start Kurke making business? [process, machinery, expense, profit]

Kurkure Making Business is not a new business in India. Earlier people used to make various types of snacks like Kurkure in their own kitchen. But at present, due to the invention of machines, now they have started to be manufactured industrially. And after many types of chips, the most popular snacks among children and people of all classes are crisps.

A variety of ingredients such as corn flour, rice flour, gram flour, wheat flour, etc. are used as raw materials for making crisps. Industrially, snacks are manufactured using the extrusion method, which is by far the most efficient and advanced technology.

The good thing is that in making Kurkure with this method, you do not have to spend a lot on the manufacturing cost, that is why we can easily buy a packet of Kurkure for five rupees from the market even in such inflation. Kurkure is so famous among children that they insist on eating it.

Apart from this, people of every age group like its taste very much, that is why people also like to drink it with many types of cold drinks, tea, coffee, etc. beverages. In such a situation, if you also want to start your own crisp making business. So this article written by us can be very useful for you, so read it till the end.

Uses of Kurkure

Generally crunchy is quite famous among kids, teenagers and youth due to its tangy taste. This is the reason that whenever a person has to go for hospitality and he comes to know that where he is going there are small children too, he does not forget to take crunches for them.  

This type of snacks is generally used by people with various types of drinks and before meals. The thing to note here is that people do not use them to fill their stomach, rather people like to eat snacks in between meals before eating.

Big companies in India who manufacture Kurkure, they hire such actors and actresses for their advertisements, who have huge fan following. This is the reason why Kurkure is not only famous among children, teenagers and youth, but it is also very famous among middle aged and old people. In such a situation, the demand for this snack called Kurkure is always present in the markets.

How to start the business of making Kurke? (How to start Kurkure Making Business in India):  

As we have told earlier that people in India have been doing the work of making Kurkure through the kitchen. That’s why this business is not new here, but currently Kurkure is manufactured industrially by extrusion method which is the most advanced and best technology till date. So let us know what steps an entrepreneur needs to take to set up his own crisp industry.

prepare a business plan

The entrepreneur may need to make a viable business plan for setting up a crisp making industry. In this, the entrepreneur has to do market research and also write about the competition and opportunities in this business. The complete cost estimation including machinery, equipment, raw material, land, building, staff etc. to be used in running the project is also done in writing.

Complete details of the goals of the business and where the entrepreneur wants to see his business after a certain time, etc. should also be mentioned. It is meant to say that a practical and effective business plan contains complete details from market research to business goals. And in this document, the entrepreneur has to give in writing the full details of the cost and estimated earnings for starting his project.    

Manage Funds for Business  

Money is needed to give a real shape to any manufacturing business. By creating a practical and effective business plan, you set the outline of your business in the document. But according to that plan money is needed to make it a reality.

This is the reason why the next step of the entrepreneur to start the business of making crisps should be to manage the money. If the entrepreneur wants, he can manage money from his savings, he can manage money by taking informal loans from friends, relatives, family members etc.

By the way, generally most of the people who want to do some business, prefer to take loans from banks or non-banking financial institutions. Apart from this, some people also arrange funds for business through Angel Investor, Venture Capitalist, Crowd Funding etc.   

Manage the land and building for the plant

To set up an industrial setup, an entrepreneur needs space to store or keep inventory, place for electrical panels and equipments, space to set up a small office, apart from the manufacturing area. In this way, 1200-1500 square feet of space is required to start this business.

The good thing is that it is not necessary that the entrepreneur should start this type of business by taking land or building on rent or lease in an expensive industrial area or in an expensive place. The entrepreneur can start this business from wherever the place or building is available on rent at cheap rates within 10 – 15 kilometer radius of a city. In this, we are running the rent of the building at the rate of ₹ 25000 per month. The actual rent may vary depending on the location selected by the entrepreneur.     

obtain the necessary licenses

An entrepreneur may need to obtain a number of licenses and registrations to set up a crisp making industry. The list of some of these is as follows.  

The entrepreneur should register his business under any one of the Proprietorship Firm, Partnership Firm, One Person Company, Private Limited Company etc.

  • Make a PAN card in the name of the business and open a current account in the bank.
  • Get the GST registration of the business done.
  • Obtain trade license from local authority like Municipal Corporation, Municipality etc.
  • Register your business under the Factory Act.
  • Get Food License from Food Safety Authority.
  • Get the enterprise registration done to take advantage of MSME schemes.
  • NOC may be required to be obtained from the Fire Department.
  • If the entrepreneur wants to sell the produced Kurkure under his own brand name, then do trademark registration.

buy machinery and raw materials

All the ingredients used to make Kurkure are easily available in India. But before purchasing machinery, the entrepreneur must get quotations from various machinery suppliers. When various quotations are called for by the entrepreneur, then after that the entrepreneur also needs to analyze them comparatively and negotiate with the vendors. The following machinery and equipment may be required by the entrepreneur to set up a crunch industry.

  • Ribbon blender machine is used for mixing flour etc.
  • An extruder machine is used to make the crisps.
  • Electric batch fryer machine is used for frying crisps.
  • The Seasoning Tumbler Machine is used to add salt, spices, etc. to the crisps made.
  • Metal detector machine is used to catch pieces of metals in food items.
  • Kurkure Packing Machine.
  • Belt conveyors and some material handling tools may also be required.   

The list of raw materials used in the business of making crisps is as follows.

  • corn flour
  • chawla flour
  • Gram flour
  • Salt
  • vegetable oil
  • onion powder
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger Powder and Black Pepper        

hire employees

To start Kurkure Making Business, the entrepreneur may need to hire not one but many employees.

  • Two machine operators may be required.
  • Four helpers may be required.
  • Two skilled/unskilled workers are required to be hired.
  • There is a need to hire an accountant and a salesman.  

In this way, to start this business, the entrepreneur may need to hire 9-10 employees.

start the crunchy build process

Now when all the processes are completed by the entrepreneur to start the business of making Kurkure, then the next step of the entrepreneur should be to manufacture Kurkure. Manufacturing of Kurkure becomes quite easy through the above mentioned machine and raw material.

In addition, vendors of machinery and equipment may also provide free training to you or any of your employees on this process. However, if the entrepreneur hires an experienced machine operator, they are well-versed in the process.   

How are Kurkure made?

As we have told earlier that the process of making crisps from the above mentioned machinery and raw materials is very easy. But still we are describing the brief method of making Kurkure here.  

  • First of all, the raw material for making Kurkure is procured from the local market or supplier.
  • After that various ingredients are taken in a certain proportion and mixed well with the help of ribbon blender machine and kneaded by adding water to it. A moisture content of 14-16% is sufficient in this mixture.
  • After proper blending of the mixture is done, after that the material becomes sticky or viscous, after that it is sent to the extrusion machine. After that this machine also works to mix this mixture well, and Kurkure is also manufactured by this machine.
  • When the crisps are formed by the extrusion machine, then these crisps are fried with the help of an electric batch fryer machine.
  • After frying, to make them more delicious, spices, salt, chili etc. are mixed well with the help of seasoning tumbler machine.
  • After doing this work, a metal detection machine is used to find out whether any piece of metal etc. is included in these crisps. And finally they are packed with the help of packing machine.       

 Expenses incurred in the business of making crisps

The cost of starting a crisp making business may also vary depending on the production capacity of the industry. But for setting up an average crisps industry the entrepreneur may need to spend on the following items.

  • The above mentioned machines may require the entrepreneur to spend around ₹19 lakh.
  • According to the rent of Rs. 25000 per month, the entrepreneur may have to spend Rs. 75000 as rent for three months.
  • Furniture and fixings may cost ₹1.5 lakh.
  • The entrepreneur may need to spend around ₹7 lakh on other things like buying raw material, paying salaries and buying other consumables.   

You can easily calculate that an average entrepreneur may need to spend around ₹ 28.25 Lakhs to set up a crisp making industry.

How much will be the profit in the business of making crisps

However, the profit from the business of making crisps depends on many factors. But according to a statistic, in the very first year of starting production from this type of business, the entrepreneur can earn a net profit of up to ₹ 6 lakh. Provided he succeeds in selling all the crisps produced by his factory.      

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