12 Month business plan For every month

Are you looking for a business that will last twelve months of the year? Although the list of evergreen business can be very long. That’s why it would be difficult to mention them all through this article. But we will try to include in this list all those evergreen businesses that can be started with low investment, which do not require a lot of money to start.

By the way, generally speaking, almost all types of business are of 12 months duration. But there are some businesses which are based on the weather. For example , you will be able to do the business of selling peanuts and gajak only in winters. Because they remain absent from the market due to non-production of them in summer or other seasons.

Similarly , you will be able to do sugarcane juice business only in summer because you will not get customers for sugarcane juice in winter. It is meant to say that there are some businesses whose business you can do only on the basis of the weather. So there are some businesses which are seasonally based, but their production continues throughout the year.

These include companies making coolers, fans, ACs etc. People use all these only in summer. But in companies their production continues throughout the year.

It means to say that except some weather based business, all other types of business can be done 12 months of the year.

What are the businesses that run for twelve months (12 Mahine Chlane wale Business):

Businesses that are not seasonal can be called bi-monthly businesses. And their list can be so long that this article will never be completed by telling. That’s why here we will talk about only a few such businesses which are possible to earn by operating twelve months of the year.

medical store business

You must have seen that when all the shops were closed during the lockdown, the medical stores were still open. Yes, the epidemic named Corona has proved that there is nothing more important in the world for a man than his life. Since the medical store is a business related to people’s health, there is no recession in it, nor is it a business that closes in a year.

This is a continuous business for twelve months of the year. But the question arises whether any person can start this evergreen business. No, you must be a registered pharmacist to start this business.

And to become a registered pharmacist, you need to do Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharm) or Bachelor in Pharmacy (B. Pharm). Overall, at present medical store is number one in the list of low investment evergreen business, there are no two opinions about it.     

hardware business

In a hardware store, you get many things related to your home, from needles to nails. If you need a rope to hang clothes, you can buy it from a hardware store. You also turn to your nearest hardware store for the need of Fevicol for pasting wood or nails, latches for home maintenance and many other things.

There is no adverse effect of any weather or season on the hardware store business. You can guess how much their demand is in any area from the fact that we keep needing such things in our house that we have to visit the hardware store every other day.  

building material business

As the population is increasing, people are in need of houses and other buildings. Not only the increase in population but also due to disintegration of joint families, people are feeling the need to build new houses for themselves everyday. Due to the increase in population, there is a need to build hospitals, schools, shopping malls, markets, etc. for the people.

In such a situation, if you have good money to start your own business and you are looking for a business from which you can earn by operating twelve months of the year, then you can start your own building material business. In this business, you have to provide all kinds of goods from cement, iron, pipe, paint to your customers which are required to make a building etc.    

clothing sales business

At present who does not need clothes. Anyway, if seen, clothes have been included in the utmost needs of man. Absolute needs are those needs without which it is not possible for a human being to survive. This means that whether a person buys anything else or not, but he will definitely buy clothes to cover the ton.

Yes, it is a different matter that human clothes keep changing depending on the season. Where man likes to wear woolen clothes in winter, he likes to wear silky thin airy clothes in summer. But selling clothes is not a season based business rather it is evergreen (12 Mahine Chlane wala Business).

Because once you start a clothes shop, you can keep clothes in your shop as per the requirement of your customers, sell winter clothes in winter and summer clothes in summer.       

Footwear Shop Business

Earlier footwear ie shoes, chappals, sandals etc. were used to protect the feet from pebbles, stones, thorns etc. But today they are also being used as fashion. This means that earlier man had only one pair of shoes and one pair of chappals or sandals. Because only a pair of shoes, slippers were able to protect his feet from thorns, stones etc.

But today you can see what kind of fashion is going on with the dress. Footwear is also selected considering the rest of the dress. That is, in today’s era, a person does not have only one pair of shoes but many colors and shapes of shoes depending on the color of the clothes. And since there is no adverse effect of any weather or season on this business also, you can start this as a twelve months running business.     

vegetable selling business

Eating roti without vegetables has become a thing of the past. When we were young, we used to see that the old people who lived in the village used to eat roti with salt. But in today’s time, there has been a lot of change in the lifestyle of man, and today not one but many vegetables are prepared in people’s homes for the same meal. In a middle-class family, at least one vegetable and one dal is prepared for lunch.

It is meant to say that vegetable is such a food item which we need daily. And we pick up the bag and go out to the market everyday to buy vegetables. Vegetables may be seasonal but vegetable business is not seasonal.

This means that some vegetables may be such that they are available in the markets only in winter or only in summer. But people need vegetables every day. That’s why vegetable business is also included in the list of 12 months running business.

metal fabrication business

You must have noticed that there are some iron and steel stairs in the roofs of the people. Big iron gates are made at the entrance of the houses, there are iron or steel grills around the roof. The path leading to the terrace from inside the house has an iron door on it. Have you ever thought who does all this work?

Yes, this work is being done by the person running the metal fabrication workshop sitting near your house who must have got the order to do this work. However, this type of evergreen business is also only for those people, who either know this type of work or have done diploma or engineering in metal fabrication.    

stationery business

Wherever there are residential colonies, there must be school and college going students. By the way, the business of stationery is always seen in association with the students studying in schools and colleges. But in stationery business, are only school or college going students as the customers of the entrepreneur. No?

At present, if you are starting your stationery business in a big city or metro city, then all the government and non-government offices available here are also potential customers of your stationery business. In an average office, stationery worth ₹ 8-10 thousand is purchased per month. These include notebooks, pens, highlighters, punching machines, whiteboards, cartridges used in printers, etc.

So if you are thinking of starting this evergreen business, then you should not only consider school, college students as your potential customers, but if you start this in a big city, then you can also make your corporate clients. .    

milk dairy business

Everyone needs milk, so if your village is near a city, you can collect milk from your village and sell it in the city. For this you have to open a dairy of your own in the city.

Buy milk from the village farmers and take it to the dairy located in your city and sell the milk at a profitable price, as much milk is sold as it is. Make other products like curd, paneer, ghee etc. from the leftovers and sell them in your dairy. 

grocery store business

Hey friend, it is very cold today, so I feel like eating eggs, I do one thing, I bring eggs from the grocery store located in the neighborhood. When we run out of pulses, rice, flour, oil, we move towards the nearest general store ie grocery store. In a grocery store, all the things used by man on a daily basis are available.

The good thing is that humans need them everyday, so to buy small or big things, man reaches his nearest grocery store everyday. If a person wants, he can start this business with less money depending on his investment ability.     

breakfast business

Somewhere you are not thinking that what business is this business of breakfast. This is the same business where you reach early in the morning to eat Chole Bhature, parathas or complete vegetables. Or you are standing in front of that shop asking what will be available for breakfast. May be you like bread omelette, so you can order the same.

Many working people in cities and staying away from their homes find it a hassle to prepare breakfast for themselves in the morning. So if you are looking for a profitable 12 month business to start with less money, you can also start your own breakfast business.     

bidi making business

If your land is not allowing you to start tobacco bidi making business, then you can consider starting some other evergreen business. But keep in mind that if you do not start this business, the bidi smokers will not stop smoking. And anyway you are not doing any business which is illegal in India.

Do you live in an area where apart from tobacco cultivation, tendu leaves are also produced in large quantities. If yes then you can start beedi making business as an evergreen business.

If the beedi made by you becomes famous among the beedi consuming community, then you can earn immense wealth from this business.

Pan Masala Wholesale Business

You may need to invest a little more in the pan masala wholesale business. That is because in this you have to buy pan masala of many companies in bulk. There is no dearth of people consuming gutkha and pan masala in India.

In such a situation, if you are looking for a very profitable 12-month business, then this can put an end to your journey here. Once one gets into the habit of consuming gutkha or pan masala, they contain a substance called nicotine which makes them addicted to it.

It is meant to be said that once one gets into the habit of consuming Gutkha or Pan Masala, he is not able to leave this habit easily, in such a situation the possibility of selling Pan Masala increases further.    

potato onion wholesale business

Potato is called the king of vegetables, because potato is such a vegetable that mixes with most vegetables. From potato peas, potato mushroom to many such dishes, it is not possible to make them without potatoes. That’s why at present there may not be any other vegetable in every house, but you will definitely get to see potatoes.

As far as onion is concerned, onion is used as a spice in every vegetable, apart from this it is also used as a vegetable. This is the reason that at present you will find potatoes and onions in every kitchen.

If you want, you can start this evergreen business of potato and onion with less investment as compared to other businesses.

What are twelve month running businesses?

Businesses that do not have any adverse effect of weather and season are called twelve months running or evergreen business.

Will the business of selling groundnuts also last for 12 months?

No, groundnut is visible in the market only in winter, so it is sold only in winter.

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