10 Breeds Of Buffalo That Give Huge Milk

10 HIGH MILK BREEDS OF BUFFALO: With more than 70% of the population in India living in villages and small towns, there is a lot of opportunity to start new businesses in all these areas. Because most of the businesses in rural hinterland are dependent on agriculture or related sector, but with time there are many opportunities available where good business can be done. 

Top 10 Buffaloes in India: 10 breeds of buffalo that give more milk

Buffalo rearing in the country of India has increased a lot in these times. The real reason for this is the increasing demand for dairy products. In today’s time , buffalo rearing is becoming a means of good earning for the farmers . In such a situation, the demand for buffaloes of good milch breeds is also increasing a lot. If you also want or do buffalo farming in dairy business, then the main question of the farmers is which buffalo to buy which gives maximum milk or which buffalo will be right to follow .

So friends come, today we will see that in this article we will tell you the top 10 breeds of buffaloes that give more milk (10 best Breeds of Indian Buffaloes) , whose milk production is really considered very high and good.

Murrah Buffalo | high yielding buffalo

Most Murrah buffaloes are reared in India. In India, this Murrah buffalo comes at number one in terms of milk production. The specialty of this buffalo is that it can give 2500 to 4000 liters of milk in one goat. But for more production in these, it is very important to give good dosage. It is the highest milk yielding buffalo breed in India. 

Most of the people have the same question that how much milk does Murrah buffalo give in 1 day? Murrah buffalo usually gives about 10 to 12 liters of milk in a day. This can vary for a variety of reasons, such as the age of the animal, its health, the farming style, and the quality of the manure.

Jafrabadi Buffalo | Buffalo giving 25 liters of milk

Jafrabadi buffalo is strong in appearance and this buffalo is also known as Gir buffalo.

How much milk does Jafrabadi buffalo give? : About 2000-2800 liters of milk production is available from this buffalo. About 8 percent fat is found in the milk of Jafrabadi buffalo. This Jafrabadi buffalo is more preferred all over the country for farming business.

The native place of this breed is Jafrabad which is in Gujarat. This is the highest milk yielding buffalo breed in our country.

Mehsana Buffalo

The color of Mehsana buffalo is brown and black. This breed looks almost like Murrah buffalo in appearance, and this buffalo is very fierce in appearance. The horns of Mehsana buffalo are less curved and this buffalo is found in Mehsana district which is in Gujarat. 

This buffalo is quite popular for milk producers. Mostly this buffalo is seen in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Haryana. About 1200-2000 liters of milk is produced from this buffalo.

Pandharpuri Buffalo

The Pandharpuri buffalo derives its name from the village of Pandharpur, in the Solapur district of Maharashtra. The horn of this breed is very long, whose length ranges from 45 to 50 centimeters. If you see the color of this buffalo, it is mostly black or brown in color and Pandharpuri buffalo has the capacity to give milk from 1200 to 2000 liters in one goat.

Surti Buffalo

Surti buffalo is a breed of Gujarat which is found in Kaira and Baroda districts of Gujarat. This breed is one of the most favorite buffaloes of the farmers of Gujarat. This breed gives milk from 1400 to 1800 liters annually. The fat content in its milk is 8-12 percent.

Blue Ravi Buffalo  | Identification of high yielding buffalo

Blue Ravi buffaloes have a white pattern on their forehead. In addition, there are white colored marks on their legs and tail. Blue Ravi buffaloes are very strong in appearance. The horns of this buffalo are also short and curved. Blue Ravi Buffalo is very famous in Punjab.

Mostly found in the rural areas of Ferozepur, this buffalo is very strong. Buffalo gives 2500 to 4000 liters of milk annually. It is the highest milk yielding buffalo breed in India.

Bunny Buffalo | Highest milk yielding buffalo breed in India

Friends, Banni buffalo is the pride of Kutch desert. Banni buffalo is found in the Kutch region of Gujarat. This buffalo is also known by the name ‘Kundi’. The specialty of this buffalo is that it tolerates both extreme cold and heat.

If you see its color, it is also black and light brown, the horns are turned inwards. Their milking capacity is 1000 to 2500 liters per vat.

Bhadavari Buffalo

Body size of Bhadavari buffalo is medium, hair is less on the body and legs are short and strong. The part below the knee of Bhadavari buffalo is light in colour. And white color is also seen on the forehead. Annually 1600-1800 liters of milk is produced from this buffalo.

sathkanara buffalo

Sathkanara buffalo is also known as Murrah buffalo of South India, Sathkanara buffalo is mostly found in coastal areas. And farmer brothers like it very much. Due to this, production of milk up to 800-1500 liters is available in a year.

Godavari Buffalo  high yielding buffalo

Godavari buffalo has amazing disease resistance. It costs very little to maintain it. Gives milk up to 1500-2000 liters annually.

How to identify good buffalo? , high yielding buffalo

Some signs to identify a good buffalo are:

  • The body of a good and milch buffalo is in a healthy condition.
  • They are usually older.
  • Protein of good buffalo milk is generally high.
  • Their milk quality is generally good.
  • Their lactation is usually high.
  • Good and milky buffalo have big breasts.

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